Dream of a Stranger
Dream of a Stranger is inspired by my experience during hurricane Maria and my relocation to the US. From the snowy planes of New Jersey to the colorful escapism of Puerto Rico, this book and exhibition explore the cultural and emotional space in between. The exhibition is a collection of photos and poems I have written over the last five years. The photobook contains three acts: act 1 is called “Did you enjoy limbo?” act 2 is “Motel Days,” and act 3 is “A familiar stranger.” 
The first act starts from a dream state and recognizes a form of broken nostalgia. My memories lay scattered and blurry, but the photos and poems become more intentional throughout the acts. The subject matter of the poems ranges from recognizing the flawed state of my memories to how culture has impacted how I view myself and those around me. The title of the work, Dream of a Stranger, directly relates to this idea of intimate separation from oneself. Dreams are phenomena that can only be experienced by yourself, but what if that person is somebody you cannot recognize?
A Quiet Moment
A quiet moment is an exploration on memory loss and how it makes your perspective become distorted. The text is handwritten to show the distress of the protagonist and the images are used as an anker for him to remember and reminisce. The journal entries carry a sober yet poetic tone.
The book is inspired by my own experience of memory loss and what I have seen people suffering from Alzheimer and other mental diseases. I choose to keep the cause of memory loss be anonymous  and nonspecific as I believe it would have a more profound effect on the reader.
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